Great for people needing: Easy-to-pour chemical solution

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Overall Score:
10.0 out of 10
10.0 out of 10
Ease of Use
9.8 out of 10
9.8 out of 10
10 out of 10


Easy to pour into spa or pool. Simple to measure amount needed. Can be used for both sanitizer and shock treatments. Not too heavy yet enough to last awhile.


Not quite as easy to use as dropping in a tablet.

The Final Word

If you are looking for a painless, easy pour-and-forget chlorinating solution, the 6 pound Xtra Blue Granules is a great solution.

After weeks of looking for less expensive alternatives for my hot tub, reading through countless reviews, I ended up giving this a try. This has impressed me. My hot tub holds about 270 gallons of water. Following the directions, give or take 1 ounce per treatment. For me a treatment normally holds good for around a week. I check my chemicals every 5 – 7 days. After around a month, my chemical balance has been more stable, no large swings anymore. No more dumping in what I considered a ton of chemicals. My water did NOT turn blue, as it stayed clear. In past, my PH always seem to drop, it no longer drops as much as before. The 1 ounce rating must be by weight, as 1 fluid ounce = 6 teaspoon. So I started with 1 teaspoon, it was over kill, but lasted a very long time (2 weeks) before getting back in line. Next about 1/2 teaspoon, and it seems to be pretty close. At that rate, this jug has enough to last me 3+ years! Before I would go through a container of this size in about 6 months. I have noting bad to say about this product except, where have you been in my hot tub’s life.

Well, after 2 months I came to a solution of how much chemical to put in hot tubs.
About 1 oz. by weight or 2 Table Spoons (per 250 gallons) every week for a usage of 2-4 times per week. This seems to hold out well for me. I can see if you use it more it will take more, same if you use it less. So to break this down better I made a chart.
For a usage of approximately 4 times per week.
150 gallons = 1 table spoon or 1/2 ounce (by weight)
250 gallons = 2 table spoons or 1 ounce (by weight)
400 gallons = 3-1/4 table spoons or 1.6 ounce (by weight)
700 gallons = 5-1/2 table spoons or 2.8 ounces (by weight)


Product Information

Dimensions: 4.4 x 8 x 10.6 inches
Weight: 6 lbs.
Serving Size: Capful of granules
Packaging Method: Plastic jug with handle to pour
Water Treated: 3 oz per capful - 10,000 gallons